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When we said we are all ears, this is how we say we meant it.

We have been collecting feedback about our existing iPhone app and are now in the processing of coming up with a brand new App.

Stay tuned to know first hand about it features, and add your suggestion.

All for now, Cheers

Raghunandan Saraf May 21, 2013 5 tags (show)


Utsavi Awasthi

Utsavi Awasthi said:

Dear Sir

I have purchased kuber bed from your website 1 month before with order number #INSF67602133.After receiving it was so damage from 2-3 side so complain about the product. I am not getting any proper response from your team end.Your team is taking decision without asking my permission. When i call they never transfer call to senior people. Executive are very rude when it comes to solve issue. I want refund of my product .I don’t have trust in your company by seeing pathetic after sales services and Product quality.

I was told Mr.Ankit Sharma (GM) would contact between 5-6 pm to provide an update, however call was not received. It is to intimate you that i will not seek for Legal Action as a Fraud & Cheating case on Consumer.

Siddharth Patel

Siddharth Patel said:

Hi Mr Raghunandan Saraf,

Can you please have a look at complaint 42842?

Quick summary so that you know:
I had ordered two items – 1) Chest of Drawers and 2) Coffee Table (wooden box). I called multiple times (you can see the history on this mail thread) asking you to fix the defects but even after a month nothing was done about it. Item#1 had broken plywood, and item#2 had unbalanced legs and didn’t have the handles that we had asked for. (See pics in the request)

I got my products delivered on 5th December 2016. But, I didn’t accept coffee table which was not as per our request and I sent it back. Suresh Sharma, your store manager in Bangalore has repeatedly lied. After multiple calls also, on 19th Dec he told me that he has sent the handles for my wooden box/table on 15th Dec. After that he’s simply stopped picking my calls.

That’s when I started talking to your main number – +91 80674 14797. Here also, I was told that handles were shipped on 1st Jan. However, today Mr Rajeev Pareek told me that he sent it on 5th Jan on Saraf’s truck. Whom to believe?

I think I have waited for over a month. This request (42842) was raised a month back. I am really angered by this. Hence I have asked for a refund. I am 31 and have several friends my age, who as you can imagine are buying houses and furniture for them.

Believe me – This bad experience has really lost you a sizeable business from me and them.

I ask you to refund my money for the coffee table (Rs.9,999/-) and salvage a good customer experience – if you’re really a shrewd business owner – and not a roadside mistry/carpenter shop.

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