1 Million Plants for 1 Million Customers: Saraf Furniture's Plantation Drive

October 11, 2022



Driven by a desire to green the world and celebrate it’s 1 million family, Saraf Furniture has promised 1 million plants to 1 million consumers.


We at Saraf Furniture observed India's 76th Independence Day at our factory outlet in Sardarshahar. As a way to show our appreciation to our one millionth customer family, we have planned to campaign plantation drive of 1 million plants on this National Day of Pride. We call this initiative as "Har graahak ke naam ek pedh". To put it another way, for each customer who became a part of the Saraf Family, a tree is planted in their honor. According to us, reaching the one million family milestone is thanks to the trust and loyalty of our clientele.


On this occasion, we planted 500,000 trees out of a total of one million at our factory outlet in Sardarshahar, Rajasthan. The remaining 500,000 plants are distributed to the families of Saraf team members, communities, non-governmental organisations, and planation-needy areas of the city. Various plants have been categorised into four groups; these plants are valued for their abundance and medicinal properties. There are four primary plant groups, and these are the palash, ber, jhilmil, and peepal. Scientists have discovered that plants not only help to lower pollution levels but also add beauty and fresh air to urban areas.


As Saraf Furniture's CEO and founder Raghunandan Saraf put it, "The milestone of one million is unquestionably worthy of celebration." We wanted to celebrate this significant occasion with our loved ones and the rest of the country, so we chose Independence Day to launch the planting campaign.



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