5 Essential Tips For Shifting And Handling Wooden Furniture

February 12, 2020

Moving and shifting is a tiresome chore. With the help of packers, this lethargic task can be converted into a peaceful event. But we can't be fully dependent upon them especially in the matter of delicate wood furniture. The beautiful handcrafted Sheesham wood furniture requires care and planning before relocation.

It isn't as easy as it seems to be. It needs basic knowledge and certain tricks to be kept in mind before you begin the shifting. The beauty of Sheesham wood furniture holds an exceptional grace and magnifies the interior of any house. Using these tips can save you from paining back and give more life to your items. 

  1. Plan the route to the truck- Before you start carrying things out, take a walk on the pathway through which the goods have to be carried. Clean the passage and remove the unwanted objects that could topple in the way. Have a clear plan about moving or relocation. Get limited people to carry furniture and other items.
  2. Disassemble the furniture- Taking apart the essential elements makes the task easy. You can make any furniture sleek and light by taking off the planks, knobs, drawers, shelves, racks or legs. You can take help from the manuals while disassembling them and assembling them back at your new home. While compiling them back you can clean the Sheesham wood furniture with a wet cloth and put a layer of varnish.
  3. Follow smart techniques to move intricate wooden embellishments. Some of the quirky techniques are:
  • Rope slings- It gives you more control and freedom to hands to take care of the stuff. You can use it in moving the mattresses, solid wood beds, etc.
  • Use straps while transporting the items- Straps can make the task easy and comfortable. Be cautious while you work with the straps over the stairs.
  • By creating ramps in the passages and stairs- It provides a completely free movement to the heavy furniture while you go up and down.
  1. Protect your stuff with the blankets, tie wrap, sheets, etc. - It is a smart way to shield the damage on the surface and delicate edges of beds, sofa, tables, and other furniture while you move them from one place to another. Wrap them carefully, don’t miss a single corner and keep them protected from the unwanted scratches and dents.
  2. Plan the unloading of items likewise. While moving to a new house, decide beforehand which item will go where. Before you make the transit, draft a floor map with a rough outline to reduce last time hassle. Creating the plan makes things easy, this way you can place the exact furniture in the correct place and it doesn't require a second try.
Sheesham is an elite wood and its furniture is constantly in demand for the centuries. Keeping these simple things in mind can lessen lots of struggles and renders longevity to your Sheesham wood furniture.

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