Create a Hotel-Like Retreat in Your Own Bedroom - Part II

Create a Hotel-Like Retreat in Your Own Bedroom - Part II

September 27, 2022

Hola Peeps, We are back again!!


We hope you've checked out our blog for easy ways to make your bedroom at home feel more like a luxury hotel suite. If you haven't already then do check our previous blog for the same here.

All right, let's get started with some additional ideas to make it more exciting and opulent, like a hotel suite.


1. Shut out the early morning sun.

You can get some extra shut-eye thanks to the blackout curtains in your hotel room. You may achieve a similar effect in your own house by hanging transparent curtains over a blackout layer.

 It really depends on the individual. Some people function better in the mornings, when they are greeted by daylight. You can safely ignore this selection if that's the case.

2. Spread out a cushy rug

Add a plush area rug to your living room if you don't already have a thick, soft carpet to dig your toes into when you first get up in the morning. Rugs made of cotton or wool are ideal, but any material that provides a cosy surface will suffice. (Sisal, bamboo, and other coarse materials should be avoided.)


3. Toss in some plants

Obtain a few live plants. It's fantastic to have a hotel-like atmosphere in the bedroom, but it should still feel like someone actually lives there. A fantastic technique to spruce up a space is to position the plants where they can be seen as soon as you wake up.


4. Invest on extra towels

Your bathroom serves as an extension of your bedroom. Invest in high-quality, luxuriant towels to make your home feel like a spa. As with bedding, white is the preferable colour for washcloths since it appears clean and fresh, but you may want to keep a few darker-colored washcloths on hand for removing makeup or dirt.

For an added touch of luxury, spritz your towels with fabric spray to keep them smelling clean. You may also like to purchase three or four towels each person, as opposed to a handful to be shared by the family.


5. Fix Your Sheets with an Iron

It's time to iron the sheets. We realise this isn't the most riveting assignment, but please give it a few minutes of your attention; it will yield enormous benefits.


6. Add opulence to the space

Hotels pay close attention to the smallest of details by providing homelike touches to each room. You can add some of these elements to your own bedroom. Why not install a coffee station in your bedroom if you consume coffee in the morning? Thus, you can enjoy your first cup of coffee without leaving bed.


7. Exhibit your individuality.

No matter how much you want your bedroom to resemble a five-star hotel suite, you do not want it to seem sterile. Adorn your walls with artwork that resonates with you. Choose huge artworks rather than a gallery wall. If you can afford it, invest in an original instead of a mass-produced item to add personality.


Symmetry reigns supreme.  Even if you ignore all the other procedures, if you place items such as artwork, lamps, and bedside tables in a balanced, symmetrical manner, you will have achieved the desired effect. If you're in the market for conventional, conventional, and stylish wood furniture, go no farther than Saraf Furniture. The reputable company is known for supplying the finest Sheesham wood furniture, and therefore it offers a wide range of options for online purchase.


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