Holi festive season: Add a pop of color to your home

February 16, 2022

Voila!! It’s that time of the season where we all love to dress up white to transform into a beautiful mess of colors, isn’t it? Could you make a guess?

Okay, you can take one more chance. The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by playing with 'Gulaal' and dancing along to "Paan Banaras Vala" in your outdoor garden while sipping a glass of thandai.

Yayyy. You guessed it right. The colorful and the most vibrant festival of India, Holi is just around the corner and we all have started gearing up for the unlimited fun. So is your home ready to receive these colorful vibes? If not yet, then what are you still waiting for? Make your home ready to welcome this energetic and vibrant festival with best solid sheesham wood furniture.

Hold on! Make sure each corner of your home is ready to celebrate this festival with Best home furniture to buy online.

Let’s get started :-

Dining Room:

Refresh your dining area's appearance by reupholstering your Dining table set and replacing the boring curtains with seasonally popular hues, including intense blue diamond pattern curtain at best price. If you want to stick to a single colour theme, combine it with a variety of geometrically patterns rugs or multi-purpose furniture like sofa cum bed to break up the monotony. If you're going to use bright or vibrant colours, balance them out with some neutral hues. It's easy to overdo it with a monochromatic theme; always keep a 60-40 ratio of vibrant bright colors to neutrals.

                            Wooden dining set

wooden sofa set

                                Wooden Sofa set

Living Room:
Holi provides the ideal backdrop for a thorough sprucing up or a quick makeover of your living room! We should stop playing it safe in our homes and embrace vibrant hues with our best solid sheesham wood furniture and decor selections. The heavy wooden furniture pieces can be replaced with modern furniture. You can add a festive touch to this space by placing a vibrant wing chair. The old contemporary furniture can be spiced up with bright cushions. Use colourful mottled curtains if you want to create a dramatic effect in this space. Additionally, you can place crystal bowls filled with flower petals on the coffee tables or side tables along side sheesham wood sofa

wing chair

                                    Wing Chair




You wouldn't wear the same color every day, so why should your bedroom? Seasonalize the theme of the room by adjusting the textures, patterns, and fabrics to reflect the outside temperature. Spread multi-colored bed sheets and bright pillows and cushions throughout the room to complement the overall ambiance. If you're not ready to commit to a permanent change, you can experiment with buying colorful carpets online and sassy curtains to inject some colors into your bedroom enhance the bedroom furniture too. Ditching the creams and pastels can be a great option for this festive season. It's a good idea to get rid of your old coloured cushion covers and replace them with bright yellow or red ones.

wooden poster bed

                                  Wooden Poster Bed

Microfiber Comforter / Duvet Cover 1

Floor Carpets & Rugs:

It is not always a good idea to change the color of your walls because it can be an expensive and messy process. Therefore, it is prudent to renovate the flooring. Holi is a once-a-year festival, so don't leave any corner or even the floor unturned.  Choose vibrantly coloured rugs to create a festive atmosphere or buy online carpets and rugs at best deal on Saraf Furniture. The modern home adapts aesthetics through the use of textures and patterns. Geometrical pattern carpets & colorful rugs can bring the code of Holi in any space of your home.  When decorating your home for Holi, do not forget the floors of your Living room, Bedroom Room or let that be any room



Outdoor Garden:

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or courtyard, we strongly urge you to use the exterior texture to your advantage as the base for decorating the area. Buy online charpai seating with bright colorful cushions and throws, potted plants, colorful pots, and a pop-colored rugs can bring in the festive colors which could otherwise be a drab space. What do you think?



How do you think to style your home this HOLI?  Best way to get things sorted is that you can buy online furniture and home décor at Saraf Furniture. They have a wide range of Solid wood furniture for all you home space and to add the ting they have curtain, carpets, bedcovers and various other home furnishing.  Use Coupon Code: HOLI to avail best discount and deals.

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