Smart Choice : A Wooden Bed Or A Metal Bed?

Smart Choice : A Wooden Bed Or A Metal Bed?

June 01, 2022

Did you know that we spend about one third of our lives sleeping?

As a result, it's sensible to think carefully about which bed to choose. Many variables must be addressed while buying best bed online, as they include cost, material, and size. However, many are unaware that the bed frame is just as vital to your sleep quality.


The bed frame serves as the best mattress's foundation. The creaking and squeaking of an insufficient frame, as well as the occasional sliding of the mattress that comes with any movement in bed, can keep you awake at night. This needs the use of a high-quality frame that is both noise-free and capable of physically supporting the weight of your comfortable mattress. So, when it comes to choosing a comfortable bed frame with a sturdy foundation, wooden bed frames and metal bed frames are frequently at the forefront due to their stability, durability, and overall comfort.


Confused about which one to go by?? No problem, we have a clear-cut description to make you understand which bed is best for you.




When choosing between metal and wood as a more environmentally friendly alternative, wood comes out on top. Beds made from high-quality shesham wood are more resilient and long-lasting. Another benefit of wooden bed frames is that they are available in a wide range of wood varieties, including solid wood, timber, hardwood, softwood, and so on. Select the options that best meet your requirements and budget.


Sturdy :


A metal bed frame is expected to be more durable since it can accommodate a King Size mattress easily. When it comes to sustaining larger mattresses, a standard-sized metal bed frame is said to be less prone to deterioration than many timber bed frames.


Although metal is stronger than wood in and of itself, when it comes to bed frames, the wooden bed frame triumphs. The materials used in wooden bed frames are heavier, and the support systems are more robust.




The beauty of wooden bed frames is that they can be customised in any way you choose. True, you can paint your best wooden bed frame in any colour you desire. Bring out your inner artist by using paint and brushes of choice on your wooden bed.  Soon you'll be on your way to making a one-of-a-kind, personalised bed frame.


Durability :


Which would you prefer in a sword duel between a metal and a wooden sword? Metal, without a doubt. Metal is unquestionably tougher and more durable than wood, which means it may endure longer. It can also hold more weight than a wooden bed frame.


Wooden frames, on the other hand, are prone to scratches and stains, as well as the likelihood of termites, which can cause severe issues for people. However, if your wooden bed frame is made of genuine grade sheesham wood from Saraf furniture, you won't have to worry because Saraf furniture delivers the highest quality wooden beds for your bedroom that are completely termite resistant.


Flexibility :


Wooden slats are more flexible than their metal counterparts since they may be moulded into your favourite resting position. This keeps you comfy  and ensures that you obtain the essential eight hours of sleep at night.




When it comes to choosing a new bed, comfort is unquestionably the most important consideration. Nothing beats going to bed after a long, hard day at work only to toss and turn due to the sheer discomfort of the bed.


Metal beds are generally less comfortable than solid shesham wood beds. Their manufacturing quality can also be weak when made of low-grade steel, resulting in circumstances where the mattress is not properly fastened to the bed frame.


Well, the answer isn't always easy, and it depends on what you are looking for and what you value most. Stay tuned to our next blog for more input on which bed is the best: wooden or metal.

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