The Beginner's Tips To Creating A Bar At Your Home

March 17, 2020

Life is what happens between coffee and wine, which is a popular Russian quote. Having a bar at home is as part and parcel of the housing needs of this era. Saraf Furniture bestows an exciting opportunity for the novices and masters in creating a remarkable bar lounge at home. 


This pleasant opportunity to create a stylish bar must not be wasted by fitting ordinary furniture and interiors. Experts opine that the use of premium Sheesham wood furniture in the planning of a separate bar would add durability and grandeur at its best. The common elements of a well-equipped bar should include:


The Bar- Bar forms an indispensable component of the bar area. An equipped lounge contains a stylish and classy bar section along with other supporting accessories such as bar trolley, wine boxes and a hanging bar case perfectly caters to all the needs and occasions. Wooden Willy bar online

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Bar chairs and stools- Bar chairs and bar stools are the most demanding components of a bar. Ergonomically designed chairs and stools enhance relaxation and the entire experience. Products such as easy chairs, sling chairs, and benches made in solid Sheesham wood are the must-have segments while imagining a bar cornet at home.


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Sideboards and TV units- These pieces of furniture enhance the aesthetics of the bar niche. Besides, providing storage space for the unused stock they present an intensified premium touch in the interior decor

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Miscellaneous articles These include decor units such as wooden clocks, coasters, designer pots, trays, etc. These products ensure a holistic feel of completeness to the room and complement the diverse needs of the users. 


The entire fabrication, assembling, and maintenance of bar objects require utter care. Meanwhile, Sheesham wood furniture requires adequate care and love with a few details:

  • It is advisable to use treated seasoned wood for the bar area to increase its shelf life and durability.
  • A premium finish is desirable since it requires no regular polishing thus reducing overhead after cost.
  • More care should be given to the bar tables, side tables, and desks while using hot, cold or wet material on the surface.
  • Always clean the Sheesham wood furniture with soft dusters and clean water. 
  • To reduce the chance of staining it must be wiped off using dry soft cloth instantaneously.


Assembling a home bar isn't as contrary as it appears to be. At Saraf Furniture, we agree that simplicity is the key while you are purchasing bar tools, furniture and setting the glassware. A well maintained and classic appearance of your bar can help in adding excitement to date or striking a friend. Beginning a home bar can seem like a challenging task for anyone, but it doesn't need to be so.  



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