Availabe in 3 Sets, 3 Finishs
From Rs. 49,899.00 Rs. 25,999.00
Availabe in 6 Sets, 3 Finishs
Availabe in 8 Sets, 1 Finish
Availabe in 8 Sets, 3 Finishs
Availabe in 6 Sizes, 3 Finishs
Availabe in 3 Sets, 3 Finishs
Availabe in 6 Sets, 3 Finishs



This is Where is Starts.

We source direct wooden logs, handpicked by our experinced selectors and brought to the manufacturing usit for funrther processes.

Getting in Size.

Our In-house saw machines cuts the wooden logs into desired sizes to achieve the strenght and stability in your wooden bed, sofa dining & everything else solid wood.


Each & every piece of wood, however big or small, thick or thin, straight or not :) , is treated with the industry specified techniques, making it termite resistance, Forever.

Sesoning the Wood.

More commonly known as drying the wood. As simple s it seems with the way we do it, it actually is a very scientific process. Maintaining the pressure levels, moistures, depending on the duration and atmosphere and get the right seasoning done, the right way.

Now Making it.

And now the treated & sesoned wood planks are used by our experineced and skilled craftsemen to make you solid wood furniture the way you expect it to be.

Product Standards,

Products are made in bulk with standardizations, so that each product has that technicall and visual gretaness that every furnitue for home should have.

The Right Finish.

One the product is made and ready, it goes to our skilled polishmen, who works hard to give it the finish as choosen by you.

The Final Touch.

All the products made & finished the given the final quotes, based on your selection of finish and making sure that you get a no-maintenance finished product. Thourouhgly insoected by our supervisors to make sure that the product is up to the mark.


Getting your products packed the right way so that it reaches just the way we made it for you :)