A Step Towards Global Leadership: International Shipping by Insaraf

A Step Towards Global Leadership: International Shipping by Insaraf

February 11, 2018

Indian Furniture Industry witnessed an unprecedented landmark when your favourite online destination for contemporary, modern, and custom furniture and home décor: Insaraf, started international shipping of the products.  With this, we have entered the elite club of a few manufacturers and suppliers facilitating the supply of furniture to different parts of the world.

We will be shipping to all parts of the world. As of now, we already have delighted customers in United States, Singapore, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

With an intention to cherish customers all over the world, this is one of the most important steps, with much more to come on our road to global leadership.

“We understand the distinct needs of the customers and are dedicated to fulfilling them” CEO Raghunandan Saraf.

“Since the shipped products would be fragile, we guarantee completely safe packaging with different options available for the customers.” he further added.

Indian furniture is loved and preferred by a wide range of customers all over the world. However, the biggest issue has always been the safe shipping of the furniture whilst guaranteeing the highest quality of the products.

We have a well-managed supply chain management facility for ensuring safe delivery of Insaraf goods to our overseas customers. Irrespective of whether we ship our products to domestic market or international customers, the concern for providing best quality products would never change.

“We have complete trust in the supply chain management module of the company. In the past two decades, there hardly has been any dissatisfied customers, both domestic and international. We hope that the trend would continue in the years to come” are the words of the CEO, in regards to the supply chain management processes.

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