Why Saraf Furniture stands out from the crowd?

Why Saraf Furniture stands out from the crowd?

February 25, 2018

Furniture sales online have increased at a phenomenal pace in the past couple of years. The traditional furniture and home décor industry which was dominated by the bricks and mortar stores has been largely taken over by a range of online stores and retailers due to a number of reasons.

            With the increase in online stores, the customers often are confused about the choice they need to make to pick the best retailer. Saraf Furniture has been a major player in the industry for a considerable period, about two decades. This is the reason why there are a number of things, which makes us stand out from the crowd in this industry. Some of the most crucial points are:

  • Presence of bricks and mortar store network: Despite the increase in the level of trust among the potential customers in regards of online shopping, having a well-managed network of physical stores always help in increasing the confidence of the potential customers in the brand. Insaraf (the online segment of Saraf Furniture) might be operating from the past two years, but Saraf Furniture brings together a total experience of around nineteen years, which is demonstrated by the network of stores in different parts of the country.
  • Lifetime warranty: This is another unprecedented feature of Saraf furniture, which helps us in being distinct from the competitors. Lifetime warranty, as offered by Saraf Furniture, does not include any suspicious asterisk meant to perturb the customers. This is a commitment provided by Saraf Furniture that all the products (furniture and home décor) are made from genuine Sheesham wood and lifetime termite resistance warranty is assured by the company with no questions asked or no conditions applied.
  • Free domestic shipping: This is another aspect, which helps the company in carving a niche in the field of online furniture sales. Without any minimum order amounts, Saraf Furniture commits to deliver the products to all parts of the country without any shipping costs. This ensures that the customers who do not have the access to the physical stores could also have their hands on the products of the brand without ever paying anything extra.
  • International shipping: Saraf Furniture has recently introduced international shipping of the products. By doing this, the company has become one of the few names in the industry to achieve the feat by directly serving the overseas clients. This makes us the part of an elite group of businesses that serves both domestic and international customers. Serving the international customers could be extremely challenging. The customer relationship management and supply chain management of the company have to be impeccable in order to cater the needs of the overseas clients. By consistently delighting the overseas clients, Saraf Furniture has developed improved customer management processes, which help in serving the exact needs of the domestic customers as well.
  • Returns policy: The returns and refunds policy of the company is simple and customer-friendly. Though the company tries to make sure that the products cater the exact needs of the customers, however, if due to any reasons, the customer is not satisfied from the product, the return policy is swift. Any customer, who has encountered the refund and return processes with the company, is most likely to refer the brand to friends and acquaintances, simply due to the customer-friendly procedures adopted and followed by the organization.
  • Secure payments: Even though it should be a norm for all online business, a number of online retailers often misses this crucial aspect of the business. The payment system installed on the website of the company is secured by following the highest standards of security, thereby making the whole experience of shopping hassle free for the customers.
  • A wide range of collections and easy comparison: Since Saraf Furniture is a manufacturer as well as retailer of the products, the company offers a wide range of collection to the customers, thereby often spoiling them for choices. Unlike a number of competitors, the company is distinct because the available range of colours, sizes, and features in a product line are numerous. The customer could actually sit back, relax, and take the buying decision.
  • No phoney reviews: Most often, the online retailers try to affect the buying behaviour of the potential customers by incorporating a number of phoney reviews on the webpage. Insaraf understands and respects the intelligence of the customers and the team assures that no phoney or fake reviews are ever published on the webpage that could distract the attention of the customers.

 So come and be a part of the Insaraf family of delighted customers and feel the difference by yourself.

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