Best Interior Decor Guidelines for Modern Home - Part 2

March 24, 2022

Voila peeps, We're back with another episode of the Best Interior Décor Guidelines for the Modern Home series. If you missed our previous blog, you can read it here and learn how to transform your home into a beautiful place to live. Without further ado, let us begin by outlining our solid wood home furniture recommendations & guidelines.


Simplicity at its best :

Home décor does not have to be uninteresting and plain. Modern décor embodies warmth, vitality, invitingness, and elegance. Your room will feel more alive and happening as a result of the design's simplicity. According to research, keeping your décor simple reduces your stress levels. Consider this bed; wouldn't you like to spend the rest of your life lying on it or doing BEDDITATING on it? (similar to meditating)


Creating space :

Furniture serves a dual purpose; it enables you to store items that enable you to live comfortably while also occupying less space in your room. It houses the home's second most critical component of your living room . A sofa cum bed is one of those chic pieces of furniture that every millennial covets. If you're having friends over for a night out or if you're having guests over for a short stay, the sofa cum bed is your knight in shining armor. A sofa cum bed is a standard sofa that converts easily into a bed.



The wall hanging creates new space within the confines of the wall. They not only provide additional storage space, but also boost the room's oomph factor. They serve as functional multi-purpose storage. Nowadays, you can use it to add plants to create a garden in your living room. Plants are not limited to living areas or balconies; you can incorporate them into your bedroom, guestroom, or any other room to brighten the space.


Bookshelf :

People believe that a bookshelf is used to create space exclusively for books or it is also termed as the space created for bookworms. But that's not the only function of this shelf, it's multi functional furniture, we can be used as storage , showcase your mini garden, showcase your accessories. Etc.

Going over the list of furniture pieces will give you a good sense of the different types of furniture you can choose for your home. Saraf furniture is one of India's major furniture stores, selling a diverse range of furniture to buy online in India to consumers throughout the country. It is a well-known furniture maker with expertise in the design and creation of one-of-a-kind furniture for consumers. The online furniture business offers online buying, confirmation, and payment options. More to come to this series, keep hanging with us till then!!

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