Best Interior Decor Guidelines for Modern Home - Part 1

March 24, 2022

Our home is a reflection of our perfection. The beauty of a home is not determined by the price of the furniture or décor; rather, it is determined by the space created by the furniture and décor. There are places in our home that go unattended, and in some cases, unnoticed, when it comes to home furnishing & decors. We can bring harmony and peace to your home by infusing each space with our personal touch. As a result, our home becomes a one-of-a-kind, exquisite, and powerful space of love.


Revamping your home would sound exciting but turning the expectation into reality is the tough job. The other factor that influences revamping is "how deep is your wallet?" The philosophy behind renovating or designing your home should be based on sound principles. Several are listed to inspire you to fill your home with such splendor.


Grey is the new Black !!

Yes, you read that correctly. Grey is the new black. The reason for this is that grey is a neutral colour that complements a wide variety of décor styles, designs, and combinations. This way, our home décor, accessories, and other furnishings will garner more attention. Additionally, it is a psychological fact that light colors attract positive vibes and boost your mood and energy.


Illuminate the cozy corner :

Cozy corners are no longer an afterthought in the home. If the corners are always crammed with a flower pot or a stylish lamp, why can't we transform them into something incredibly illuminating and exquisite chic furniture? The sofa / lounge couch is the best example of how to transform a mundane corner of the house into an epic on


Create your own character:


Create an environment in your home that is reflective of your personality and character. We are not only renovating our home, but we are also good at recreating and cherishing old memories. Acquire a few items that conjure up images of your youth, a smile on your face, some emotional and enduring memories, and so on. These works of art will motivate and inspire you to continue progressing in your home and life.


Accent your living with coffee tables :

Each space has a focal point, which our intelligent human eyes detect on the fly. A coffee table or a console table can act as the room's focal point. This is justified by the contrast created by the table over a large sofa. These tables capture your attention and raise the stakes of your living room's quotient.


More is on the way, but you'll have to wait until our next blog. We'll see you soon on the other side, oopsy!!, we mean in the second episode of Best Interior Décor Guidelines for Modern Home. Stay tuned until then for more amazing and fascinating modern furniture by Saraf Furniture.


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