Wooden beds to hibernate in your dream world

Wooden beds to hibernate in your dream world

March 08, 2022

The sublime ecstasy of the bedroom occurs when you sink into the cozy bed and drift off to sleep. It is the safe heaven in which our tumultuous life finds equilibrium. The most vital component of our home, the cocoon in which the dream resides. "If you can dream it, you can achieve it," Walt Disney once said.


We, at Saraf Furniture manufacture poster beds, also known as canopy beds or imperial four-poster beds, to exemplify this thought.  These are also referred to as vintage beds, as royals used them for a variety of practical purposes during the golden eras. At the moment, having such beauty on the floor is more of a fantasy than a reality. Poster beds are defined by the presence of four vertical columns, one in each corner, which support a horizontal rectangle panel on top. The following are listings for such dream beds. 


Solid  wood Bolton Poster Bed : 


The bed serves as the focal point of the space in any bedroom. These types of solid wood poster beds work best with open floor plans and create a magical atmosphere in the room. The edgy look is enhanced by the use of bedroom furniture made of Sheesham wood, which also adds glam. Solid Sheesham wood turns to be the perfect complement to the contemporary design.


Solid Wood Poster Bed Capital

Do you miss the comfort of hotel beds? Missing out on vacation with your loved ones,  all of this could cause you a slew of problems during this pandemic?  Work from home, on the other hand, is becoming a tedious routine, and people are yearning for a vacation.  If you want to make your room look like a hotel room and feel like you're in one, we recommend ordering Solid Wood Poster Bed Capital. Buy furniture online from Saraf Furniture, a bed designed with such opulence especially for you. Utilize a white layover curtain to impart a hotel-like feel to your poster bed.


Solid Wood Bust Poster Bed


Simplicity is essential in day to day life, and for those who love to live simple, Saraf Furniture brings the simplest, authentic Sheesham wood poster bed specially for you, which is treated and seasoned with termite resistant. What are you waiting for #Christmas ☺ No, that’s too long, why not have it on this #HOLI. Order now from Insaraf.com – best online furniture store and get best deals on HOLI


Solid wood poster bed jodhpur style


The wooden poster bed in the Jodhpur style bears a strong resemblance to Jodhpur's culture and ethnicity. These beds are distinguished by their traditional furniture aesthetic, elegance, and urban appearance.  It's a delight to your comfort when they're combined with best furniture design and genuine quality solid Sheesham wood manufactured by India's best online store - Insaraf.com


Solid Wood Charlie Kid Canopy Hut Poster Bed


Why is it adults have all the fun? Kids too can take pleasure in kid-size canopy poster bed. With most voguish and genuine Sheesham wood the poster bed looks up to the minute.





Solid Wood Poster Bed Jaipur


If you are a clinomania, and wish to beditate the whole day like a lazy potato, then Saraf Furniture is the place to hop on. This classic Jaipur exquisite, made from Sheesham wood, looks modish and long-lasting just like Jaipur culture.


Here is the list for some dream and exceptional poster bed to catch up on. Do visit www.insaraf.com for more such stylish and elegant poster beds made with genuine sheesham wood.


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