Increasing Demand Of Wooden Furniture Is Dominating The Furniture Trends

September 18, 2020


Wood is known as the simplest, toughest, and the most beautiful element on planet earth. Its primitiveness of accommodating nature to merge with every object makes it highly demanding. Even in the 21st-century, people favor buying solid wood furniture that is handcrafted by craftsmen. This aspect and high demand for furniture made of wood are dominating the furniture market across the globe. Everyone wishes to decorate their home with the best inclusions. No doubt, home is a  beloved collection of different elements that are wrapped elegantly with the home setter's love. It is a happy place that needs stylish aptitude, artistic strategies, and skills to balance everything finely. 

It is a fact that in India, everyone fancies woods like redwood, teak, cedar, mahogany, mango, teak, oak, etc. for their furniture. And Sheesham wood furniture is the most demanding wood form amongst the rest. The easy availability of raw material, inexpensive labor, growing household demands, and relatively low-prices are happening in the fast commercialization and rising economies. These days, plywood, bamboo wood, solid wood, and other forms of timber are preferred than other materials like cast iron, aluminum, and plastic. Wood is mostly selected by nature lovers and the ones who are looking for sophisticated and pure designs. Simultaneously, it is favored by the artisans because it presents a smooth surface to engrave, experiment, merge, and clarify a furniture piece easily.

Moreover, today's buyer is smart, yet they are turning towards the old-fashioned ideas and aesthetic for designing the interior of their living abodes. With the increase in outdoor living, open garden terraces, garden dining, bar setups at home, etc. it is augmenting the outside and rustic furniture requirements. All in all, wooden furniture is highly preferred because of its durability, ease of maintenance, and simplicity. It can transform an ingenious room into a masterpiece if combined well with excellent furniture and furnishing items.

Solid wood furniture enables the buyers with a wide range of products like beds, sofa sets, easy chairs, desks, dining table, office chairs, kitchen and garden furniture, bar furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, and much more. Another advantageous property of wood is its readiness to adopt any form and get customization into the desired furniture. These days fusion furniture with a blend of modern elements and warmth of wood is in high demand. People are getting diverted to buying tech-oriented wood furnishing pieces to give a fresh and mind-blowing impression in the home décor.

Considering all these aspects, Saraf Furniture is a one-stop destination among the buyers for stylish, classic, and conventional furniture products made of wood. To deliver the best Sheesham wood furniture piece, the popular brand has a rich catalog of products for every mindset and each part of the house. It has beautiful collections to enhance the home décor with an eminence such as Brass Royale, Jodhpur, Charlie, Maharaja, INDIANA, etc.


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