April 02, 2021

All You Need To Know About Sofa cum Bed

Revamping your house and thinking to invest in multi-purpose furniture, what could be better than a sofa cum bed? When uninvited guests arrive and you own a bijou home, it is better to invest in some classic furniture like sofa cum bed rather than falling into the dilemmatic situation. For saving space and to bring about an exquisite factor to your house, investing in multi-purpose furniture is a great idea as it will help your house look more elegant and organized. Opting for innovative and evergreen furniture will always mark your positive side and will provide a feeling of solidarity to your house


What is a sofa cum bed?


Sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture for your visitors. You have a place to lounge and relax by day and a comfortable, space-saving sleeping area by night with a flexible sofa bed or sofa cum bed. Some versions have built-in storage, making it a highly functional piece of furniture. The sofa cum bed is the first space-saving bed choice that many people consider. You've probably slept on one at some point in your life, maybe while visiting your grandparents as a kid or at a sleepover with a friend. It's a useful thing to have around the household. It has a dual benefit that attracts people who are looking to expand their living room.


If your space is small, it can be difficult to fit both a sofa and a bed in your room. In such circumstances, a sofa bed may be the best option. Keep in mind that if your sofa bed is going to be your main bed, comfort is crucial. Making a sound decision is not difficult these days, as there are numerous designs of excellent sofa cum beds available on the website of Saraf Furniture. When buying furniture, make sure you choose a high-quality piece that will last a long time. You will get the best results by purchasing a wooden sofa that also serves as a bed. While they are more costly than fabric sofa cum beds, they are more robust and durable, making your investment worthwhile.


The trend of ‘more in less’ is quite trending these days. In contemporary times, millennials find this trend quite eclectic. With classic and modern furniture like sofa cum bed, your house will look more decent and less overcrowded. The problem of an overcrowded house with overstuffed and thick furniture is resolved with the evolution of simple furniture to multi-purpose furniture. Various furniture manufacturers are now dealing in such variants and one such manufacturer, Saraf Furniture also deals in such furniture variants. The classic wooden furniture made with solid Sheesham wood looks chic and embellished. You will find a dynamic range of multi-functional furniture like sofa cum bed at Saraf furniture in multiple sizes and designs that will solve all the space issues of your bijou house.


Converting a bed to a sofa and a sofa to a bed can seem to be a lot of work, but it is normally done by professionals. The sofa cum bed, on the other hand, is built in such a way that it can be used by anyone without difficulty. The light material and lubricated joints render the operation extremely simple and do not necessitate the use of more than one individual. Everything you have to do is cut out the metal frame from underneath the furniture and then spread out the bed.


Now, let’s understand what the different types of sofa cum bed are:


  • Daybeds

This sofa cum bed variant dismantles the look of the sofa and is a single twin mattress. It is slightly different from other variants as the frame does not have to cushion like other standard sofas. This type is ideal for power naps.


  • Standard foldouts

This variant is supported by lots of cushions and you can enjoy the best sleep in this multi-utility variant. However, it is cushioned inside and comparatively less cushiony when you use it as a sofa. 


  • Futons

These are the most basic and common type of sofa cum bed and are made from wood and metal. This variant is quite comfortable for sleeping purposes and you can enjoy both a movie and sleep on this multi-functional furniture.


  • Pull out pop-ups

This variant is used as a twin sofa where the mattress is pulled out from under the sofa. This type is ideal for bijou homes as they don’t occupy much space and are comfortable on the other hand.


The sofa is a crucial part of the house where you spend the whole of your day sitting and binge watching or chatting with your friends but an innovative touch to sofa cum bed will add to your solace, aesthetics, and organized factor of the house. Investing in such furniture is a great deal due to the following reasons:


  1. Saves The Space

One of the pre-eminent features sofa cum bed provides is the salting away of space. Sofa cum bed can be used both as a bed and sofa and makes bijou living more convenient, comfortable and organized. It provides more functional features and is high on trend. The idea with which this multi-purpose furniture came into existence is completely solved because it occupies less space than the normal sofa or bed furniture in your living area. If you want to save space, investing in a sofa cum bed is the best way to do so. 


  1. Things Are Easily Findable

Everyone likes the furniture which is easily movable as it makes the things look more organized and findable. When you find that extra space at your home the artistic factor gets added. The designs and elegance of the furniture like sofa cum bed provides more storage, comfortable sleeping space and seating. Along with that sofa cum bed also gives a sumptuous look to your house.

  1. Best for bijou homes

For people with the bijou house, the sofa cum bed is a blessing as it saves a lot of space and adds uniqueness to your house. Usually, people with small spaces are more overcrowded and unorganized but with multi-purpose furniture, distinctiveness will be provided to your bijou home. Storage and aesthetics factors of your house will be enhanced with the investment in multipurpose furniture like sofa cum bed.


  1. Evergreen

Multi-purpose furniture is always evergreen because of its key offerings which primarily include storage facilities. Such innovative furniture lasts for years because of its offerings, design and concept. People usually invest in such types of furniture due to their durability and design. The furniture made with solid Sheesham wood promises durability and sumptuous looks.


  1. Looks Aesthetic and Organized

Who doesn’t want their house to look aesthetic and organized? With a simple investment in elegant multipurpose furniture, you can give your house a completely different look. The multi-purpose furniture like sofa cum bed made with solid Sheesham wood will make your look more opulent. The foldable feature of the sofa cum bed helps the house look more organized and aesthetic.


  1. Can Host Large Gatherings

When uninvited guests visit your house or you are throwing a house party, you need to have a plan for welcoming those guests. In such quick plans, the multipurpose furniture like sofa cum bed helps a lot in making the house more spacious and neat. Your house will look clutter free and extra storage space also gets available because you can accommodate the essential items without making the place look over-crowded. 


  1. Convenient and comfortable Power Nap station

Had a long day at work and want to take a power nap? With multipurpose furniture like a sofa cum bed, you get you convenient and comfortable power nap station. For small naps, you usually opt for sofas but one major issue which arises with everyone is that on the sofa you don’t get that comfortable power nap you were craving for because of the space issue. But with sofa cum bed all of your problems will be solved as when you are feeling drowsy you can always tune to the bed portion of this multipurpose furniture.


  1. Trending and Innovative Furniture

The new trend of more in less perfectly suits the multi-purpose furniture as with the innovation, this type of furniture can give your house a unique decent look. In modern apartments, such multi-utility furniture looks better than those traditional sofas or bed sets. There are many varieties of sofa cum bed furniture which look dynamic and aesthetic. 


  1. High on functionality

All the lacking points of the sofas are covered by sofa cum bed. Those pull and push features, easy movable options, storage features, etc. adds to the functionality feature of this multi-utility furniture. This furniture will add exquisiteness to your living room with a number of advantages and provides solace and easily organize ability factors. 


  1. Space for essentials

Usually, you encounter the problem of having around no space for essentials or décor items. But with furniture like sofa cum bed, all of these problems find a solution. Investing in expensive sofas and beds is not enough as you may encounter the issue of space which will be resolved only with furniture like multi-utility furniture. Sofa cum bed is cost effective and saves space as single furniture works dually. In storage drawers, you can store your essentials which otherwise would be at an undiscoverable place, and make your space look more messed up. So investing in furniture like sofa cum bed is always worth your money.


With these extreme and solace advantages of sofa cum bed, investment is always worthwhile. This multi-functional furniture is sleek, stylish, and smooth and promises solidarity to your house. Moreover, you can store your essentials in a sofa cum bed which works like a crown establishment and in an Indian household; one of the key problems is storage which is also encompassed by this furniture. For providing a chic touch to your household, you should go for this unique style of therapy which is sumptuous, classy, comfortable and multi-functional.  Sofa cum bed can also be used to create a style statement.


Sofa Cum Beds are a unique and creative choice for any home where space is limited. It's the perfect alternative to a regular sofa that's just suitable for setting up. The luxury sofa cum beds is cheap and affordable option and is best for living rooms. Because of its ease of use and versatility, most modern apartments prefer a sofa cum bed to a regular sofa. Craftsmen are also brainstorming new ways to make it look more sleek and majestic. A sofa-bed is cost-effective, practical, and attractive. It will not only fit into your budget, but it will also elevate the look of your home. It's not just a piece of furniture; you're investing in your own and your family's comfort.


Sofa cum bed is an intelligent and innovative approach to utilize even a small space in the best way. The cushioning offered in this furniture variant is inimitable as you can both enjoy the movie and take a power nap. As when a guest enters your house, their first encounter with something is the living room which is incomplete without a sofa. So rather than opting for a heavy chunky sofa, opting for a sofa cum bed is more advantageous. They make the house look more commodious and add elegancy factor to your space. However, compromising quality for the budget would not go on your side as you will end up killing the aesthetics of your place. 


From a durability point of view, sofas cum beds are pre-eminent as they promise you ages. With different high end offerings of this furniture, more and more people are investing in this type as you can use a single piece of furniture in multiple ways and can transform your place with its uniqueness and class. You can always opt for the best sofa cum bed for you as per your need and if you don’t find one then you can always get it customized with Saraf Furniture. 

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January 05, 2021


Online stores/ sites are stirring towards an escalation due to #COVID19. People are leading a life, where the time for offline shopping is impossible. At the time of lockdown and pandemic in India, the furniture industry has taken a foot ahead in creating its presence online.
Furniture is an indispensable article amidst the home décor. Be sagacious, while making/ buying one, as it’s the furniture, not a pair of jeans to be exchanged if it doesn’t work well.
While looking for online furniture sites, one should be a pre-crastinator and compose a qualitative checklist beforehand. The checklist includes:

Need of the Furniture:

Being furniture the most inevitable part of our home, we should always know the need and the purpose of investing in the furniture. The usage of furniture plays an imperative task. When compared to the furniture in the guest room, the furniture in the living room brings into play often. Few furniture is regarded as the showpiece in your room and few are the action packers of the room, working 24 x 7. Be astute and understand the need for it.

Space and Size:

To ace the space of your home, comprehend the space of your room and the size of the furniture. We buy furniture based on the size of our space and some time to create more space in the set size. The trending modern space-saving furniture marks the solution in such a situation.

Diverse furniture wood:

Wood holds the pedestal of furniture. There are varieties of wood accessible in the market to carve your furniture. The three broad categories of wood are Hardwood, Softwood, and engineering wood. The Sheesham wood grasps the best wood for home and office furniture.


Dig into your pocket, know your budget. The budget plays a vital role in quality, and style of design.

Buy home furniture online

Furniture sites/stores online:

There are humongous sites for procuring furniture online. The basic factor, apart from the above to look after are:
1. Delivery time: It is the foremost important aspect to verify the delivery time of the product to your doorstep. Verifying your pin codes helps you to know the approximate delivery time of your product.

2. Assembly / Installation charges: The furniture is delivered in a deconstructed form and hence, it requires the assembly or the installation. The installation charges are to be clearly known from the supplier prior to the purchase of furniture.

3. Review: Company's goodwill depends on the customer review. It is necessary to understand the feedback presented by earlier customers. Reading the reviews would give you an idea about the company as well as the product.

4. EMI: As rousing online stores/ sites, the company makes the purchase easier for each and every customer by providing a unique facility of EMI (Equated Monthly Investment). Grasp those companies which provide EMI facilities to make your procurement easy and to avail the luxury within the budget.

5. After sale service: The last but the most essential thing to verify is the after-sales service. The company which maintains the relation with customer and provides timely service holds the major share in the market.

6. Type of Furniture & design: Type of furniture includes home furniture, office, and kitchen furniture so chooses the best online furniture site according to their niche. The cherry on the cake is the design of the furniture. Your furniture will be exceptional based on the exquisite, spectacular and unique design. Selecting the best design is a difficult choice but yet it's worth all the pain.

7. Furniture Finishes: The wood comes with various finishes available in the market. The shine, glow and sparks slay it all. Saraf furniture brings three exclusive finishes available for the solid Sheesham wood furniture. We can choose the finish according to our home interior.

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Biding adieu to 2020 !!
December 31, 2020

Biding adieu to 2020 !!

The turbulent year #2020 is coming to an end, what’s next in our bag of life, is uncertain. Nonetheless, 2020 has marked a few memories for us. Psychologically it made us emphasize on being positive, hopeful, faithful, appreciative, and combat with what so ever comes to you. The best gift the year 2020 gave us was the qualitative family time and reconnecting with old buddies.

COVID19 had brought in countless new normal(s) for all of us, and one of them is the new work environment. Due to social distancing and other practices to avoid the dissemination of #Coronavirus, working from home was the culture adversely adopted by the organizations and the individuals. The constant mechanism of working at home generated the need for the work stations at home. The Prime of life was to produce the same amount of productivity even when you are at home. Even the G-trend result showed up as the highest term/ sentence googled during the ongoing pandemic was “Buy study table online” and “Buy ergonomic chair online”.

People have tossed their searches with the best work from home furniture to buy office furniture online to gift themselves the best ergonomic furniture that suits the longest pandemic ever in the history of human life. COVID19 was not only taking a toll on physical health but also knocked out their mental stability. To secure their peace and mindfulness, people have signed up for healthy retreats; few have revamped their homes by buy home furniture online, and few have engaged in new learning towards their growth.

The virtual employees beautified their study room furniture with air-purifying plants, good luck plants, and other indoor plants to maintain their sanity. They placed the green beauties all over the console table, stools, and on wall-hung units.

A very notorious idiom in Hindi found to be the best amidst lockdown, “Khali Dimag Shaitan ka Ghar”, in literal translation, The empty mind is devils house ;)  Exploited human mind manifested his/her intelligence by optimal utilization of their typical home furniture into a piece of makeshift office furniture. The regular console table was reformed into the office desk and the dining chair was remodeled as an office chair. To cling onto their makeshifted desk and make the files and folders accessible, people have revamped their bookshelves into office cabinets. On the other hand, few people had a choice to buy furniture online, they cherry-picked entire home office furniture by employing online shopping.

2020 witnessed the virtual workforce but also beheld the virtual students attending their virtual school through #onlineclasses. Educating and training their children at home was a mind-numbing task for at-home dad(s). The homemaker and all-time rescuer – Mother(s) schooled their kids on the best dining table set available at their home. Parents did hit a bulls-eye by hunting for the best dining set online and could use the same for schooling and dining purpose.

We appreciate each one for holding on to this new normal gracefully and positively. We roll the drums and applaud for you all to survive this unprecedented year and promise us back that you will rock in coming 2021.

Saraf furniture wishes you a happy and prosperous NEW YEAR

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December 28, 2020

Best Interior Decor Guidelines for Modern Home

Home reflects our perfection. The beauty of the home does not depend on the expensive furniture or decor, instead it depends on the space you create with your furniture and decor. There are spaces in our home which are unattended and sometimes even ignored by us when it comes to decor. We can create harmony and peace by turning each space of your home into an inspired one with our personal touch. Thereby making our home becomes a unique, exquisite and powerful space of love.
Revamping your home would sound exciting but may turning the expectation into reality is the tough job. The other factor which impacts revamping is “the depth of your pocket?”. The ideology of revamping or designing your home should be based on sensible guidelines. Few are listed for you to flourish your home with such beauties.

Grey is the new Black !!

Yes you learned it right, Grey is the new black. The reason behind this is, grey is a neutral color , which goes well with all styles, designs and combinations of decor. This way we can draw more attention towards our home decor, accessories, and other furnishings. It is also a stated psychological fact that light colour draws good vibes and boosts up your mood and energy.

Floor Carpets & Rugs

Illuminate the cozy corner :

The cozy corners are no more the left out of the home. The corners are always dumped with either the flower pot or with some lamp, then why can't we revamp this into something very illuminating exquisite chic furniture. The sofa / lounge couch can set the best example for turning such a boring corner into an epic corner of the house.

Create your own character

Make a space at your home which reflects your personality and character. We are not only revamping our home but we are good to recreate our old memories and cherish them everyday. Gain a few things which draws the image of your childhood , smile on your face, some emotional and ever living memories and so on. These creations will motivate and inspire you to move ahead in your home and life.

Accent your living with coffee tables

Living room Coffee Table

Each space has its focal point, our intelligent human eyes catch them on a go. The focal point of your living room can be a coffee table or a console table. The rationality behind that is , the contrast created by the table over a giant sofa. The table are functional in use also.

Simplicity at its best :

Buy bed online

decor doesn't necessarily have to be simple and dull. Modern decor can be warm, refreshing, inviting and elegant . The simplicity in look ensures your room to be more lively and happening. According to research, keeping your decor simple lowers your stress levels.

Creating space :

space saving furniture

furniture is two-faced, it helps you to store things to make you live comfortably yet dwell in by shrinking the space of your room. It holds the next most crucial component of our home. Sofa cum bed is one such chic furniture that every millennial hunts for. Friends coming down home for a night out or guests stepping in for a short stay, sofa cum bed is the knight in shining armor. Sofa cum bed is a usual sofa which can further be switched into bed effortlessly.


wall hung

The wall hanging is the new space creators in the space of walls. They not only create space for the extra stuff but also add up the oomph factor to the room. They are functionally used as multi-purpose storage. Nowadays, you use it to create a garden in your living room by adding plants to it. You should not restrict plants to your living spaces or balcony only, you can add some to the bedroom, guestroom anywhere to uplift the area.

Buy outdoor furniture online

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5 Christmas Gifts You Can Gift To Your Loved Ones
December 15, 2020

5 Christmas Gifts You Can Gift To Your Loved Ones

Arrival of Christmas brings a sense of joy and enthusiasm amongst everyone. We can hear the snowfall, children laughing, bells ringing and most of all cheers of the Christmas party. As this is 2020, which is distinctively different from other years due to many reasons demands for something very unique and exciting. Bidding a goodbye to this year was all we were craving whole throughout the year. What could be better than partying and celebrating Christmas with your loved ones?

Decorating Christmas tree, Inviting friends, having fun, cutting cakes, sharing beers, waiting for Santa are the instances that can best describe the joy of Christmas. Hosting Christmas party is indeed a big deal but deciding what to gift to your loved ones is even more dilemmatic situation. So to prevent you from any sort of brain drain, we are assisting you with five amazing Christmas gifts that you can gift to your loved ones.


buy wine rack online

Cheering your mood by enjoying wine with your loved ones is a best way to escape Monday Blues. Gifting something to your loved one which can solve this purpose is like making their day more delightful and cheerful. This solid Sheesham wood bar trolley for bed and garden will add to your weekend or party mood. Going for this is a great idea indeed! 

buy wooden clock online

This aesthetical wooden dear wall clock is a perfect gift for Christmas. As reindeer symbolizes creativity and resourcefulness, this wall clock will enhance the elegancy and aesthetics of the house.

buy wooden cutlery online

Gifting your loved one something which can fulfill their daily requirements and purpose is best kind of gifts you can gift. Cutlery set look elegant and resourceful for the purpose of gifting. As Christmas is a festival of joy, you can enhance the joy of your loved one by gifting them this elegant wooden cutlery set.

buy chest of drawer online

Having a drawer which looks aesthetic and can solve multiple purposes is like star accomplishment. For gifting purpose, this jali solid Sheesham wood chest of drawers is tasteful. It will add to the grace of the house by its sumptuous design.

buy bar furniture online

Enjoying drinks is an inevitable part of weekending. While partying or enjoying date with loved one, wines and beers make the day more happening. For gifting purpose, this hanging bar will look opulent and will be of great use

All excited for the christmas gift!! We are sure you are thrilled and keen to buy home furniture online and present your loved ones with wooden beauties.


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Bring Home Characters in Storage  Units
December 09, 2020

Bring Home Characters in Storage Units

Our home is built up piecemeal. To let the home sink in and showcase the beauty, we need furniture. Furniture brings elegance to the interior palate and paints the last magic touch to our home. It draws characters and articulates for every space because furniture is the language of home!!

Furniture is not anymore the giant wooden piece that occupies your concentrated space and makes mobility difficult. Modern furniture is sturdy, stylish, stupendous, and derives amazing storage options too. With space crunch being the national issue, people have started dwelling on the minimalist way of living life. They try to buy home furniture which cut down the unnecessary traffic flow, solves the space crunch issues, generate extra space, and is flexible to expand and contract depending on the need. Even the furniture industry has evolved according to the new lifestyle of “living life miniature style”. Saraf furniture bestows the most desirable and bespoke furniture for your home. Next time when you are in search of the best home furniture online, I hope you know where to punch in ☺

To purge the space crunch, the top furniture manufacturing company, has come up with different space-saving storage cabinets for home décor online as well as mocked up at their brick and mortar studio around the country. To bring home luxury in less space, all you require is smart space-saving storage units. People and the industry has categorized few units specifically as storage unit like wardrobes, cabinets, boxes, etc, but smart ones have their own customized makeshifter’s , made from the existing furniture for themselves. Let’s take you on a tour to the furnishing of the future.

Wall hung Unit :

Buy wall hung online

Why don’t we utilize our wall to de-clutter our paraphernalia? Isn’t it interesting to design the stodgy wall of our home with a chic wooden wall shelf? It brings style and elegance to the space, draws a definite character when you know what to present in it? How to organize it? and where to locate the wall hung in your room? The answers to these questions will build up the room aesthetics and utilize the storage unit to its fullest.

Bedside table:

It draws the character of completeness to the bedroom, as it reflects your personality, and serves the style of your room. Its importance is underestimated because of the insignificance usage or the styling of the furniture. To style them suitably is a challenging task because overloading the beauty, or keeping it bare or creating unnecessary complexity, can cause faux passes. Any furniture bestows its elegance if it is set in proportion with other furniture. Likewise, buy a bedside table online would be much easier than settling down with the makeshifted console table beside your bed.

Trunks / Boxes:

To get the traditional and ethnic touch in your modern home all you need is to buy wooden boxes online. This wooden unit is built completely for an extra storage space to stuff your daily sleep accessories like pillows, blankets, and quilts.


Buy Wooden bookshelf online

Decor doesn't necessarily have to be simple and dull. The simplicity in look ensures your room to be more lively and happening. According to research, keeping your decor simple, lowers your stress levels. People consider a bookshelf to create space for the books or for a bookworm. But that's not the only function of this shelf, it's a multi-functional unit, where it can be used as storage to showcase your mini garden, organize your office accessories when you are working from home. It can work best as the cabinet which stores your files and folders. Sweep off your outdated magazines, books and create a place for your files and folders in this exquisite spacious bookshelf. Turning the book storage place into the office stationery storage place in this time becomes easy.

These are the few titbit to de-clutter your home and make it the best place to dwell in. For more such tips on buy furniture online, hop to our website and shop online for the best Sheesham wood furniture at "Saraf furniture".

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Modern Furniture - To Glam-up your Home !!
November 20, 2020

Modern Furniture - To Glam-up your Home !!

Modern furniture is the furniture that turned out in the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Revolution was experienced in every sector of India and the furniture Industry accepted the change with open arms. It was a sweeping change for the furniture manufacturers. The change was drawing from traditional, aesthetic heavy look design furniture to sleek, minimal, chic, and light design beauties.
Modern-day furniture is more simple, minimal, and eye-catching in nature. They are visually light when compared to authentic traditional furniture. The beauty of modern furniture is simplicity, funky contrast and has a great evolution towards forming geometrical shapes into the furniture design. The traditional grace is turned out to be more elegant and sophisticated. With changing times and due to the increase in population, the home furnishing has evolved in a way that fits best in the less spacious flats. Here are some modern furniture that should be nested in your modern homes.

Sofa Cum Bed :

Buy sofa cum bed online
If you are living in studio apartments or in a less spacious area, then a sofa cum bed is the saviour for you. As your style of living should not be shortened by the size of your space/home. Sofa Cum bed is a 2-in-1 furniture / hybrid furniture. This wooden furniture turns the sofa into a cozy bed easily and bed into a comfortable sofa. It is a multi functional furniture, where the sofa is used for sipping coffee over a gossip,or turning it into a convenient bed for the uninvited guest, or it can be used as a storage under the sofa. In order not to create unnecessary traffic flow in the room, this modern furniture is at its best for the purpose. This type of furniture can be kept in any area of your home and it will serve your purpose.

Nested table :

buy wooden stool online

Modern furniture is not only modern in terms of look, but it holds the modern concept of acing the space with smart and modern furniture. The traditional touch of this beauty was a single stand stool used for multipurpose. Now, the modern touch was given to it without changing the purpose by nesting one stool on the other stool. These tables can be used as a side table nearby sofa, bed or by the side of a wing chair. Sometimes, it can be used as spare seats, tables for resting your coffee mugs and other accessories in the living room. The purpose to serve by the table changes with the change in space.

Wall Units :

buy wall shelf online
Wall is a blank canvas, decorated with all love and colours. Wall hung furniture are the next modern furniture trend. People are opting for wall hung furniture online in their home , in order to save the space and create the space out of the negative space. It increases the aesthetics of the room. They are used as storage, showcase of the showpieces and many cluttered stuff comes to a tedious form by such furniture. Traditionally wall hung was only used for keychains, and now, it is used as storage, mini room garden, mini bar, holding books and newspapers and many more.

Wing chairs

Easy chair
Wing chairs are the next piece of attraction in your modern house/ modern living. This chic furniture enhances the beauty of your space. They receive the focal point in the living room when contrasted with the regular sofa. It individually stands out in the ambience.

These are few modern day furniture to opt for and get the best modern look in your same old home. These all furniture are exclusively available online at

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November 20, 2020

Solid Sheesham Wood - A Material to Ensure Durability, Elegance and Style in Furniture

Furniture adds to the grace of the house. Without furniture, one can never imagine a house and are very important from aesthetic point of view as well. Wooden furniture is considered to be the best as it is conventional element used to decorate the house. There are different types of woods categorized under wooden furniture but furniture made from Sheesham wood looks stylish, elegant and brings vintage feel in the ambiance. It is also known for its durability and sustainability and is a preferred choice for making strong and long lasting furniture. Seeking such advantages of Sheesham wood, Saraf Furniture comes up with the exclusive variety of furniture made from Sheesham wood.
Furniture for fulfilling varied needs of kitchen, bedroom, dining area, garden area, living room and so on is provided with Saraf Furniture. Insaraf Furniture deals in wide variety of furniture with irresistible choices. With both online and offline store, Saraf Furniture offers authentic and durable range of furniture. Furniture with its style and uniqueness helps in adding the feel of modernity and luxury in the house. In order to add finesse to your house or office, Sheesham wood furniture is always the best option. With Saraf Furniture, furniture can also be customized as per your requirements. Investing in furniture is like a onetime investment so this onetime investment needs to be meritorious.
Durable, comfortable, aesthetical and visually appealing along with affordability is all what a customer longs for. At Saraf Furniture, quality of the furniture is guaranteed. As wooden furniture are well known for low maintenance and high durability, so while buying furniture these key benefits should be taken well care of. Polishing along with waxing prevents termites on furniture and extends the shelf life by keeping pieces more intact. Other than furniture, Saraf Furniture deals in wide range of home décor items and office furniture online where best of the heed is paid on quality and design of furniture.
Saraf Furniture reviews the product before making it available with customers. Proper research and analysis is done for the market demand and trends in order to ensure best and something trendy to the customers. The elegancy demands nothing but simplicity along with an element of uniqueness and creativity. So in order to make your house look elegant, vintage methods are preferred which includes using solid wood as a material for making furniture. People with modern lifestyle and needs are demanding more for furniture made from solid wood than any other material as it gives stylish and luxurious look to the house and are easy to take care of.
In order to provide with the grace and aesthetics to your home, InSaraf Furniture reviews the varied interests of people and then comes up with something different and unique. Mattresses and carpets help in ensuring the comfort and style. Keeping the comfort and to cater everything related to furniture and decorative, Saraf Furniture comes up with its exclusive variety under each variant. Lifetime warranty for termite resistance is guaranteed at Insaraf Furniture. With limited concerns and attention, sheesham wood furniture can delight generations and this is the reason why people love to invest in solid wood furniture.
For decoration purpose, different unique and trendy decorative can add to the glory and grace of the house. Different furniture items such as chairs, bed, table, chests, drawers etc. are made from solid Sheesham wood furniture and add to the aesthetics of house. For office purpose, comfortable chairs, desk and shelves are also available with Saraf Furniture. All the solid Sheesham wood furniture is handcrafted by the best craftsmen and artisans of Saraf Furniture. International shipping option for Saraf furniture is also available. With all these attributes and facilities, Saraf Furniture is among preferred choice of furniture buyers.
About us:
Saraf Furniture is both an offline and online furniture store which came into existence in the form of offline store in Jaipur, Rajasthan in the year 2000. As an online store, Saraf Furniture established itself as Insaraf Furniture in year 2018. Insaraf Furniture reviews and deals in furniture and décor items with plethora of choices.

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October 30, 2020

Revamp your Home Furniture this Diwali !!

Festives ahead!!! Hurrayyyyyyy!!

The festive seasons bring the amazing paraphernalia on a plate, Offers across wooden furniture, home decors, Fashion, lifestyles, and what not!!

Diwali is the season where your mom alerts you for spick and span, relatives' deals on sweets and gifts, online shopping of apparels, and importantly, revamping your home décor. C’mon, your home does need a Diwali dress-up aka home renovation with all new solid wood Sheesham furniture. Let’s bring your home in shape with Saraf furniture and feel #festivated. This season sale brings the best amazing offers and deals on wooden furniture online.

“From where should I start revamping”, Is this which froze you??

Psst- Relax, We are here for your rescue. Let’s start with the living room. The room which greets warm welcome to your guest and marks them as awe stuck!! We are sure, down your heart you wished the same, isn’t it? So let’s start!!
wooden sofa set
As the celebration begins, we cannot miss decking up the sofa. After all, it’s Diwali and sofa is the main attraction of a living room, it positively needs a makeover. Sofa set brings the spark to your living space, why can’t we make it a storage reservation too, how’s that? Gear up for the most tantalizing wooden sofa set, crafted from the genuine quality Sheesham wood, the Solid Wood Cubox Sofa Set, comes with an extra storage facility on the handle of the sofa and sorts your bits and bobs to easy reach. It is dolled up with the finest fabric to lift your home décor. Also, it aces on the level of comfort and style.
wooden coffee table

Sipping tea at your old center table or side table? No, a big No!! This Diwali buy coffee table online, and brew your coffee with some spicy conversation and brownie. Incorporate stone finish Solid wood Indiana lass coffee table, this beautiful piece of furniture comes with extra drawers to make it look modish and fashionable.
wing chair

Diwali does grab our attention to mesmerizing crackers, delicious desserts, and a bucket full of chaos, isn’t it? Shop Wing Chair online for you and get a place to calm down and relax as this will act as the knight in the shining armor amidst this festival.
Tv Unit

Tv brings entertainment to your humdrum life. The chic Solid Wood Country EVA Tv Unit color makes it look classy and sassy too. The raw rusty look of wood makes it resemble more authentic and sophisticated. The drawers make your stuff organized and keep it tidy. Diwali needs a clean and tidy space for sure.
Wooden stool

Go green!! It's the all-time slogan of the world and definitely, it should be. As they say, charity begins from home, so to place your tiny air purifier green plants all you need is a cute stool associated solely with your plants also keeps your home décor stylish. Buy Solid Wood Indiana Rocket Stool for the corner of your living room and make it look beautiful. Plants make your home as well as your heart beautiful.
Rugs & carpets

The final touch to bring you complete living room furniture in the sink, all you need is hand-tufted carpets made from genuine quality New Zealand wool. A carpet glams up your home furniture and adds the base to every space where placed.

Shop from the ongoing Diwali sale @insaraf furniture to avail the best ever paisa wasool furniture for your home.

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September 18, 2020

Increasing Demand Of Wooden Furniture Is Dominating The Furniture Trends

Solid wood furniture enables the buyers with a wide range of products like beds, sofa sets, easy chairs, desks, dining table, office chairs, kitchen and garden furniture, bar furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, and much more. Another advantageous property of wood is its readiness to adopt any form and get customization into the desired furniture. These days fusion furniture with a blend of modern elements and warmth of wood is in high demand. People are getting diverted to buying tech-oriented wood furnishing pieces to give a fresh and mind-blowing impression in the home décor.

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September 18, 2020

Plan An Impressive Redo Of Your Beautiful Living Room With Saraf Furniture

Living rooms are the first rooms that greet everyone while entering the home. The first place that you wish to redo because it is the most used and functional place of the house. So, the stakes are high- you put every effort to make this room look friendly and the best.

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August 07, 2020

The much required upgradation to your living space

Furniture is something that can either be a development to an earlier route or something that can be curated totally from the most punctual beginning stage. Most cases would anticipate that one should choose a choice for whether they would wish to acknowledge absolutely new pieces or pick better growth substances to their current status of living. These decisions ought to be made so that derivation would be curated with a promise to one's particular interest. With respect to offering a huge collection of dazzling decisions to pursue, SARAF Furniture has done it's the course of action in the best way one may imagine. Their team is capable and they acknowledge that fantastic the wants for their customers is their sole need. Having the choice to accomplish their tasks and goals is basic to them as they guarantee that no stone is left unturned when they decide to associate themselves with a particular errand. Their organizations are prestigious considering the way that they have validated themselves on various events with respect to straightforwardness and steadfast quality. Keeping up the beliefs of trust is given unfathomable centrality when their entire team is totally arranged to oversee such conditions in the most ideal manner. 


A basic part of altering your home style is to examine all the decisions that have been offered to you. Luckily, with the openness of an enormous grouping of various choices to peruse the Saraf Furniture site will be the reaction to all of your interests. We guarantee that we explore each chance when we decide to take up another endeavor, and simply rest until our customer is totally and completely fulfilled. Victor Hugo expressed, "Where no plan is laid, where the expulsion of time is surrendered uniquely to the chance of an event, the disorder will after a short time rule." Hugo was completely right, without a doubt. The organizing stage consistently chooses if your solely amassed home will finally fulfill your dreams. As we develop our previous accomplishments, we envision researching new spaces, for instance, preparing and reasonable force sources. Saraf is centered around being a creative pioneer in new markets and transforming into a really No. 1 business proceeding. We envision supporting you to comprehend your dream home and trust your inclusion in Saraf Furniture will be both critical and extraordinary. 


We accept that every homeowner should get the opportunity to live in a home they love, can shoulder the expense of, and meets their individual needs. In that limit; we'll reinforce you to structure and make your own home as a part of our clear and solid system. We'll help all of you through each piece of the arrangement and improvement process, recognizing how included you should be in both and incorporate you with the right group for you to promise you to comprehend your dream home, on time and on spending plan. Customer experience is at the center of all that we do, our dedication to this has seen us quickly become the best and seen Enabler of custom housing in the country; trusted by Government, engineers, and close by orchestrating experts. We guarantee that the furniture pieces get in touch with you in the most flawlessly awesome structures while maintenance of it's quality, which we are so readily known for. Our gathering has been consistently arranged and is completely fit for dealing with any terrible result with the most peaceful and assembled lead. They are in contact with all of you through the whole system and are there to help you with any concerns or issues that you might be going up against.



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August 07, 2020

How to buy modern and sophisticated furniture for your home?

Through Saraf Furniture, we have some expertise in giving modified pieces as per our client's requests explicitly. Be it your home, your workspace or some other event you may require our help for, we are in that spot with you. Purchasing your first home or moving house is such an energizing, though unpleasant, achievement throughout everyday life. Another home, for the most part, implies another area, a new beginning and, what we're generally keen on, some new classy furnishings. Outfitting another form home can appear to be a touch of overpowering. This is on the grounds that there is probably going to be a great deal of room you'll have to fill. So whether you're beginning without any preparation, scaling back, or moving into a greater space, we thought we'd offer some assistance. This article is stuffed loaded with our tips and deceives to assist you with outfitting another form home. 


Because you have an entirely different void space to work with, doesn't mean you need to fill, pack, and facilitate each space, niche, and corner immediately. Start with your venture pieces as opposed to purchasing everything in one go and afterward you can include any extra, insignificant pieces later on. Thinking your new couch and footstool will fit is altogether different to realize that it will, so spare yourself the pressure and bother on conveyance day by realizing your estimations a long time before you submit your request. In spite of the fact that the symbolism in the lustrous magazines looks perfect, on the off chance that you attempt to make your room resemble a page in a list it'll tragically never entirely satisfy the hope. Saying this doesn't imply that a dazzling inside setting is unimaginable. Remember that your new form of home will be lived in. So in spite of the fact that you won't need it to look untidy, you'll despite everything need it to have an inviting and welcoming feel. 


The simplicity and fame of purchasing furniture online has drastically expanded. That is the reason outfitting your new home with all new furniture pieces should never again be viewed as a costly extravagance. There's so much decision online with regards to the lounge area, front room and kitchen furniture, for which Saraf Furniture has got you secured. Start by concentrating on each room in turn so you don't turn out to be also overpowered. At that point you can begin perusing on the web to perceive what shapes and styles get your attention. The term speculation pieces can hold meanings of costing a great deal of cash, yet attempt to think about your venture pieces as simply that-speculations, not costs. A decent quality bed, couch, and feasting table will give solace and seating to your family for a considerable length of time to come. So in the event that you can bear the cost of it, it's an extremely keen move to spend more on these staple pieces for your new home, particularly when you can indiscriminately confide in the nature of Saraf Furniture items. Indispensable pieces of any home, venture pieces will be the furniture that you utilize the most and keep the longest, so you'll need to pick something that will last. 


Beginning with a clear canvas, for example, another home doesn't imply that you need to purchase everything coordinating to organize your space. One extraordinary approach to integrating your room is through your utilization of shading. So on the off chance that you as of now have a couch yet now have space for an end table, consider your materials and shading plan. This will help to flawlessly consolidate the pieces together. Numerous new forms will have a nonpartisan inside. So in the event that you need to infuse some shading into your space yet don't have the opportunity or cash to go all out on your stylistic theme, be shrewd with your furniture decision hues, for example, vivid eating seats or a strong hued couch set. Bright eating seats, through our various reaches, are an extraordinary method to include and a la mode fly of shading to your new feasting zone. We offer a colossal assortment of items that can be tweaked according to the necessities and comfort of the clients. We can help transform your fantasies into the real world. The primary strategy that separates Saraf, is the way that every single other supplier from a similar industry is working reliably to have the option to pass their work as westerners. In this manner, our whole assortment depends on one of a kind thoughts and motivation. So the ones who are searching for something else to help improve their home much more, and extra cheerful recollections to go with it, can connect with us immediately. We transport around the world!


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Launching Livpure mattresses in association with Saraf furniture
August 05, 2020

Launching Livpure mattresses in association with Saraf furniture

Healthy India is the vision and mission of Livpure. Seems impossible to us but not for them. What could make India a Healthier body? How can it reach each and every house to make it a healthier household? And many such question were surfacing around the corner, and the initial step took years long to make world-class water purifier and now they are taking up the next step towards healthier India.
Sleep has become an issue or a concern to look at. 60% of people in India feel unfit and unhealthy due to lack of sleep. The common reason behind the disrupted sleep or lack of sound sleep is the uncomfortable mattress. Livpure in association with Saraf furniture, top furniture manufacturer of solid Sheesham wood, bestows the most comfortable mattresses in India.

To maintain health in pink all you need is good sound sleep. Bed & mattresses are the most important part of our bedroom, investing in them should be mindful. The one-time investment can lead to deteriorating overall health or can make you rejuvenate stronger and stronger. Top Mattress manufactures creates the best mattress designs which makes the person sleep sound and comfortable and also keeps in mind about the durability of the mattresses.

What makes Livpure mattress different?

Buy mattresses online is itself the complex task to accomplish, nowadays millennials reach up to the stores after all the research online. Every mattress manufacture delivers the best mattresses in India, but what makes Livpure different is the top-notch usage of natural material and not the toxic material, maintaining the quality standard of mattresses at an affordable price to buy for the customer and offers the trial period to make the decision.

Why to choose Livpure mattresses?

In general, we are unconditionally skeptical about the quality while buying mattresses online due to a lack of information available around the corner. The mattresses shopping with Livpure is equipped with correct information and solution to all your sleep problems.
The usual sleep problem is insomnia, chronic pain, and sleep apnea. The memory foam mattress produced by Livpure brings your body in a comfortable position and allows you to get the best sleep all night. It is well suggest that people suffering from sleep apnea should opt for king size foam mattresses. For insomnia patients, Livpure presents the best buy mattresses online . Resulting in a hybrid mattress, the top layers comforts the insomniacs and help them to fall sleep. Opting the double bed mattresses can reduce the tossing and turning at night and help the body to relax and sleep well. Lastly, for the chronic pain, Livpure presents the ortho mattresses. These mattresses are designed and developed in a way to eradicate the problems face due to chronic pains. The designs are finalized by the orthopedics to ensure the body gets the proper support. The ortho mattress comes in various size and dimensions like King Size or queen size mattresses. Choose according to your bed frame and bedroom size.

Types of mattresses by LivPure:

The different types of mattresses designed by Livpure are the memory foam mattresses, natural latex mattresses, and the ortho mattresses. These are the mattresses generally bought by the customers. These mattresses are designed for comfort and durability.  They come up in various size like King Size or queen size mattresses or single bed mattresses.

Features of Livpure mattresses:
The basic feature of the mattress is to bring comfort and firmness. Comfort can be hampered due to a lack of firmness.  This may lead to disturb sleep and result in the worsening of health conditions.
The livpure mattresses provide the extra support to align all your alignments. The material used to produce the mattresses makes the major difference in support. The best material leads to proper support of the neck and back, which leads to relaxing the body with proper blood flow.
The livepure mattresses come up with the temperature control and the durability of mattresses last long.
At the end of the day, make your decision after understanding the pros and cons of each mattress. A mattress purchase should not be a spur of the moment decision.

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Having door-related questions? We have the solutions
May 07, 2018

Having door-related questions? We have the solutions

How often it happens that you spend hours and days to finalize even the smallest aspects related to your home but ignore the face value of it? Yes! We are getting there, finally!

As Flora Whittemore once commented:

“The doors we open and close each day, decide the lives we live.”

She might be talking metaphorically, but as a house owner, you must be knowing the importance of having impeccable and flawless doors. It is important not just from the safety’s perspective, but from the aesthetics as well.

Doors for every Home

“Doors should not just be strong, they must present a statement about the customer’s lifestyle” are the words of our CEO Raghunandan Saraf.

The company offers a large range of designs based on distinct needs of the customers. The designs include a modern, contemporary and traditional range of doors. However, INSARAF also provides customization offers, which can help the decision-making of the customers.

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“All the doors are made of pure Sheesham wood and a lifetime warranty is provided on all designs. Our designers have created a number of tailor-made options. However, we always promote the customers to come up with their own ideas as well” he further added.

You have the option to choose from a long list of alternatives available online. You can also visit the nearest INSARAF store to see the wide range on display.

Finalizing the doors for a flat, villa or a bungalow was never this easy. The customization option comes up as a relief for the customers who want specific solutions based on the design of the house. The available tailor-made range is also comprehensive in nature. Click here for more details

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