Saraf Furniture Creating A Pious Space Within The House For Prayer

Saraf Furniture Creating A Pious Space Within The House For Prayer

July 01, 2022

In our Indian society, "Ghar Ek Mandir'' is a well-known and highly regarded phrase. It implies that our home is as sacred as our prayer unit or home temple. It's a sacred arena where our soul and spirituality collide. A sacred space in your house dedicated to purity and the divine. Our Indian homes are not complete without a temple or a prayer unit Buying home furnishings online without doing research can work wonderfully, but this is not the case when buying a best buy prayer unit online. We have an saviour for you all... Taddaaa..... INSARAF.COM. Saraf furniture simplifies and streamlines the Indian temple aesthetic for your homes.


We always want our home to be extraordinary, and the addition of unique ornaments serves as symbolism. You can enhance the aesthetics of your prayer unit by combining faith and optimism in a consistent manner.


A temple at home brings positivity, peace, and strength to fight with constraints of life. People locate the home temple according to Vastu Shastra, to maintain the balance of well being, harmony, and peace in all regards. Providing with the designer temple is our obligation, and choosing the best prayer unit for your home remains with you. You can easily accomplish this by leveraging Saraf Funiture's bespoke and customized furniture offering. The executive assistant will consider your home's concept and theme before recommending the ideal prayer unit for your residence.

The Mandir Mega Triple dom:

As its name implies, the Mandir Mega Triple dom is a massive three-domed shrine. Such furniture are better appropriate when you have a dedicated puja space at your home. Learn more about the mandir:

  • It is portable.
  • It has a two-level resting desk where deity idols and photo frames can be placed as needed.
  • It floats with two drawer chests for holding prayer unit supplies


The Mandir double Dom:


This type of home temple is advantageous for both types of spaces at home, i.e., if you have a dedicated area in your home for a temple, the Mandir double Dom is an excellent choice. Second, it can be helpful to mount it on a large, empty wall in the living room if you don't have a specific spot in mind.


Decorate the prayer space with your own unique touch by adding lamps, incense, and candles. Remove any visual clutter from your devotional space by placing the associated items on the floating shelf below. In addition, the light is supported elegantly by a wooden slider.

The Mandir single dom:


Saraf Furniture's wooden prayer unit, the Mandir single dom, is a fitting offering in this regard. This compact wooden gem is ideal for single-parent households. It is an attractive addition that harmonizes with the rest of the home's furnishings. According to research, a prayer unit should always be built of genuine quality solid sheesham wood for optimism and good luck.

Open home temple:


People are seeing limited available square footage in their homes. Especially in metro area studio flats, the strong traffic flow in the space creates an impediment. The open temple is a disguised blessing for those who deal with these challenges. This temple is suitable for the living room, dining room, or another room in your residence.


Closed Door Home Temple:


There isn't always a separate area set aside in a house for a private temple. It's also not feasible for all households to set aside a specific room as a prayer area. However, Indians can not disregard the prayer room furnishings. It's the first thing people look at when they're redecorating or planning a new house. Their hope is in God, and that gives them strength and  propels them ahead. The Solid Wood Mandir / Prayer Unit is suitable for a private place of worship. The closed-door temple is effective in creating privacy and distinction.

Inventions are born of necessity, and it’s apt here.


Wood is in a league of its own, so opting for a traditional sheesham wood prayer unit online will elevate your decor. The addition of a prayer unit crafted from Sheesham wood will increase the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your prayer space. Saraf Furniture's wooden furniture is termite resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty, addressing one of the most common issues with wooden furniture.


It is essential to have a prayer room in your home to attract the good fortune and success you deserve. If you're looking for a prayer unit for your home, hopefully this article has been helpful. Keep this in mind as you plan future improvements to your prayer space, and save the link for later use.


Joy & Abundance from Saraf furniture to you !!

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