Sofa Cum Bed - The Best Way to Maximize Your Apartment's Square Footage

Sofa Cum Bed - The Best Way to Maximize Your Apartment's Square Footage

July 01, 2022

The pandemic itself served as a teaching moment. The COVID epidemic necessitated the creation of a number of work-from-home desks and kid-friendly study nooks. The most significant barrier to the addition of more furnishings was the lack of available room.


As a result, there is a greater need than ever before for multipurpose pieces of furniture. And even though our couch beds had been there for a while before the epidemic hit, demand shot up because of how useful they are in so many different situations.


Sofa cum beds are a space-saving innovation that has found widespread adoption among India's middle class. Clients have commented on how much they appreciate this seemingly insignificant piece of furniture.


More use cases have been found than anyone had predicted. About once every three days, someone phones to tell us that they have decided to sleep on our couch instead of finding another place to sleep.


  • Parents of young children
  • People Relocating to Different Cities
  • Makeshift arrangements in the quarantine room,
  • Expect visitors,
  • Furnishings for men
  • Sleeping accommodations for doctors working overnight shifts
  • Locations for naps in the workplace.

Finding the Right Sofa-Bed-Couch Combination Online


A sofa that can also be used as a bed is a great addition to any living area. Here's what you need to know about buying a sofa cum bed in 2022.


Chalk out the square foot :

Sofa beds are available in a variety of sizes despite their compact nature. Determining the precise measurements of the accessible area is therefore the first order of business. This will determine whether you get a single-seater, double-seater, or three-seater sofa bed.

Make a Plan for Spending:

After deciding on the perfect location, determining a reasonable spending cap is the next step. The price of a sofa cum bed can range from INR 15,000 all the way up to INR 70,000. It is prudent to set aside some money in a "rainy day" fund. If you have the room and the funds, you're well on your way to being a sofa bed master.


Next ideal question should be :


Which type of sofa cum bed is best?

The following are a few considerations to justify which form of couch cum bed is preferable for use:




Furnishings elevate the aesthetic appeal of a room. By adding a dose of its class and sophistication to your home, it instantly elevates it to the status of a real home. The minimalist style is quite aesthetically pleasing. Add some flair to your living room or bedroom with a sofa that can also be used as a bed.


Creation of space:


Creating space in "the space" is no longer difficult. The best illustration is the sofa-bed. Your bed quickly converts into a fashionable sofa, and your sofa into a comfy bed. You dominate the area!




Everyone enjoys a little bit of extra, whether it's a little bit more cheese on their pizza, a few more gigabytes to use online, or a little bit of extra luxury to ease their hearts' aches. The extravagance of a sofa bed is that it can serve as both a place to sit and a place to sleep. What more could you want? Surprisingly, the storage capacity of the multi-functionality feature allows you to bring down all of your belongings at once.

A Look at How Often It's Used:


Daily? Once weekly? Or only for New Year's resolutions? You must decide how often you intend to use the couch bed. If you intend to use it nightly as a bed, for instance, the filling material, comfort level, and ease of movement take primacy.


Material Composition (Fabric & Stuffing)


A sofa bed's interior is as crucial as its outside in terms of comfort and practicality. When shopping, prioritise filling and fabric quality. The premium PU, HD, or EPE foam filling substance and the premium molphino fabric on the outside characterise Fresh Up Mattress' sofa cum beds. Explore our online collection of sofa cum beds to find one that meets your needs.


Extra Factors to Think About:


Whether or not the couch bed has cushions is an important factor to think about. It ought to be straightforward to keep in working order. Consider one with a removable and machine-washable cover. Check into EMI plans, too. You'll have a wider range of choices as a result. Keep in mind the delivery alternatives, warranty, and customer service while shopping online for a couch bed.


A sofa that can be converted into a bed is a terrific asset to any home. The vista was brightened and given a contemporary feel. You may improve the look of your home by buying a sofa cum bed online from Saraf Furniture.

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