Style the bedside tables to beautify your bedroom

Style the bedside tables to beautify your bedroom

June 15, 2020

There is always an art behind setting up the home furniture. The art makes it easy to balance the elegance, style, and complexity in the room. Be it a living room, bedroom, or any space in your home, the detailed furniture pops the eyes of the guest. The neglected yet significant detailed piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bedside table.

Bedside table draws completeness to the bedroom, reflects your personality, and serves the style of your room. Its importance is underestimated because of the insignificance usage or the styling of the furniture. Overloading the beauty, or keeping it bare or creating unnecessary complexity, can cause faux passes. To style them suitably is a challenging task.

A bedside table is usually cluttered with bric-a-brac and much other stuff. People go clueless about what can be placed on the bedside table? They end up with embarrassing themselves with an untidy one. A well-stacked table can create wonders not only in terms of boosting the aesthetics of the room but can also help you doze comfortably. Here are a few lists of thing to keep on or in the bedside table:

  • The bedside lamp is an easy piece of décor to decorate the room. These lamps illuminate the aura and decorum of the bedroom. It makes it looks inviting and cozy in dim light and bright enough to energize and gear you up for the day. Experts suggest bedside lamps must be switched on 20 – 30 minutes before you are off to sleep, to experience a good and sound sleep.
  • To snooze an alarm clock and dive into an appreciative dream for a few more minutes. Keep it a vintage style or the digital alarm or any handy piece of a clock, to knock you up with the melodious rhythm in the bright morning.
  • Chic up the wooden beauty with the tissues that befits you. Keep your tissue nearby. Tissues act as the savior when you mess up on the bed. Dry tissue conforms well at that moment.
  • Stash your eye coolers in the chest of drawers. Eye coolers or eye mask is one of the essential for the person who loves to sleep with their mask on. The mask or the gel coolers relaxes your eye muscles and removes all the puffiness around your eyes by the next morning. Keeping it inside the bedside table with drawer and would make it effortless to access it every night.
  • Books are a loyal friend anyone can have. If you are a bibliophile and reading the book at night is your habit, then bedside tables and books are the best combinations to make it look classic and elegant. The table can also be turned into a bookshelf.
  • Keep your medications in close proximity. It can be very useful at the time of medical emergencies. A glass of water or a water bottle helps you to be hydrated at night time.

Bedside Table helps in maintaining necessary bits and pieces nearby, which you need it at the time you wake up and at the time you end your day.

How can we match the table with the bed? One of the frequent questions searched while buying the bedside table online? Any furniture bestows its elegance if it is set in proportion with other furniture. Likewise, buying a bedside table online would be much easier than settling down the table with the bed. It should be in proportionate with the bed, which implies, bedside table should not be of the same height, and else it makes the look uniform and simple. It should either be a height higher than the bed or smaller than the bed. The proportionate dimension signifies the beauty of bed and complements the bedside table too. For a platform bed, it is advisable to have a height higher table or chest of drawers to add oomph factor in the bedroom. Saraf furniture bestows the best buy bedside tables to suit your home décor.

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