The New launch Mattress to buy online

The New launch Mattress to buy online

May 28, 2020

Long day, tired, restless? All you look for is a comfort, snuggling best bed to dive into a tranquil sleep. According to the survey, 34% of the population in India is sleep-deprived and facing detrimental health issues due to improper sleep. The rationale behind this issue is the uncomfortable mattresses. We explore every offline store for buying the best wooden furniture or home décor; Also, we prepare the checklist ahead of buying the furniture online or at the furniture stores in India. However, we lack behind in the probe when it comes to the best mattresses. Saraf furniture bestows the new launch of the best mattress in India for all those who are sleep-deprived and have a sleepless night.

At Saraf furniture, the best mattress designs are produced, preserving the comfort, posture, and a precise pressure point for a good sound sleep. While buying mattresses online people ignore the fact regarding the quality of sleep and the requirement of their body, furthermore they tend to buy mattresses on sale and mattress on discount offers. Bizarre is the situation when they land up buying the off beam fit mattress for themselves.


Top mattress producer, Saraf furniture, bestows the different types of mattresses according to quality, comfort, durability, and best body fit mattress.


Memory Foam Mattresses:

The memory foam mattress is one of the best selling mattresses in India. Emperia Memory Foam Mattress by Saraf furniture adapts the body shape of the sleeper and lands them into a proper sound sleep. It gives the proper support to our neck, shoulders, and hips to relax our bodies. This formulates as the best mattress for back sleepers, mixed sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Besides, foam mattress creates unique magic of absorbing the movement, moreover making it disturbance-free for your partner, when you slip in or out of the bed. This mattress comes in 8” inches or for king size bed.

Orthopedic mattress:

At work, we use an ergonomic study chair and study table chiefly designed to support the posture and to increase efficiency, and productivity. Likewise, the orthopedic mattress is designed to render the support and comfort to your spine and the rest of the body part. These mattresses are designed by the orthopedist and recommended for chronic patients. Lumbar Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is for 6” long bed, usually called a queen-size bed.

Latex Mattress:

These mattresses use latex foam for a sound sleep. Jeeva Natural Latex Mattress is a combination of latex foam and reflex foam for a supportive and durable sleep surface. The only Eco-friendly mattress in India as it is made up of all-natural materials to provide soothing sleep. To buy latex mattresses online verify the chemical intervention, as this makes it different from the memory foam. It is anti-allergen and absorbs moisture, pollutants, and dust mites. It comes handy with excel fabric outer cover, which is made with wood pulp and infused with lavender essences to make you sleep calm and relax.

Lounge Mattress:

The newly launched mattress by the saraf furniture bestows one of the best mattress named Lounged mattress. It s designed with cooling properties and a luxuriant fiber cover. The bamboo fiber cover is washable and removable to keep it more hygienic and safe from germs. It is naturally cool and does not require any cooling gel to land you in good sleep.

The guidelines for the types of mattress will be a help for the one who is looking to buy mattress online or offline in any furniture stores near you. The new launch mattress is on sale. Do visit: and shop the most comfortable mattress online.

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